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Waste Management

Banana and Partners

Banana & Partners is an initiative started in Balikpapan between Ailesh Power and Abadan to address waste problem by presenting the concept of a circular economy and renewable energy technology that is supported by the adoption of blockchain technology.

Led by Herry Wijaya and Rifqi “Amin” Al Ghifari who have experience in waste management.

Geographic Focus Indonesia
Work FocusWaste Management, Clean Water and Sanitations, Affordable Clean Energy

Banana & Partner hopes that by collaborating with various parties, a long-term strategic plan to establish 7,000 waste processing outlets nationwide (called Pandora) will be achieved by 2030 – supporting the government in efforts to overcome the problem of untreated waste in Indonesia, which has reached more than 12 million tons.

Core Objectives

  1. to present efficient and effective waste management facilities using technology, especially in urban areas,
  2. to implement waste management with a circular economy concept where the results of the waste processing processes have more value,
  3. implementing waste pick-up & delivery system to facilitate waste collection,
  4. to facilitate waste management by using digital applications and
  5. to adopt blockchain technology in waste management processes, providing added value to them.