a metaverse where you can communicate, engage, and create real impacts in the world

Fancy swimming with captured dolphins and guiding them to freedom?

Or you’re more of a world-builder that prefers to buy lands, build them as successful businesses,
then use your income to regularly donate to the marketplace where social enterprises exhibit their campaign?

Maybe you simply would like to explore, engage with other players, make new friends, and participate in in-game NFT assets exchange?

You can do all of these while creating real-life, trackable social impacts by supporting and joining our KindVerse.


And this is us – in KindVerse, kindness is preserved. Our gateway for this Kindverse is the BeKind token, where, for everything you do, it will involve this in-game currency. This way, you are contributing towards the solving of real-life issues.

As this token is spread wider and adopted without borders all over the world, awareness is raised, value is maintained, demand is safeguarded. By becoming a Kind Heart, a Citizen of the KindVerse, you’ll be building a better world – not only in the virtual landscape, but also in real-life.