New Perspective on Kindness, a Solution

Often time, donations – while they are for good cause – can still be improved in many ways. Some of the main issues remain and are shared by even the most noble of causes: high transaction fees, lack of transparency, and possible manipulations.

On the other hand, charities also have their own dilemmas of sustainability with their overreliance to grants and donations. When the market contract during a crisis like global pandemic, their income rapidly dwindles, resulting in even less ability to create impact, right at the time when their beneficiaries need it the most.

And this is where we came in to play. With an entirely new ecosystem powered by blockchain, we want to ensure that our donation really goes to the beneficiary, with reasonable management costs and free of manipulations. Charities will also be able to utilize the ecosystem to stake their donations and maximise their yields.

BKND was conceived as a solution to these issues from real world perspectives. Together, we can help others and make real impacts, so that we’ll win together, hand-in-hand, especially in these weird times.



By utilizing the power of blockchain, BKND will facilitate and support a robust, accountable system of charity/donation by using a clear and transparent platform.



The blockchain is a decentralized technology, which means it’s not governed by any specific institution/governing figure. In turn, this means it’s free from conflicts of interest. Plus, the blockchain is easily accessible by the public – people like you and us! Everything is transparent 😊




Donors can directly get BKND from exchange(s)


Alternatively, donors may opt to directly donate to charities, causes, and projects. The Donations will automatically be converted into BKND and donors can track them in a transparent way.


Charities may also send BKND to causes and projects. All BKND transactions will be trackable by the original donors.


Through the BeKind-HUB and a partner exchange, causes and projects can convert their BKND to a different token or FIAT to deliver the donation to beneficiaries.


BeKind-HUB will maintain a reserve as a safeguard in regards to stability in BKND's value and conversion rate.


Thanks to our partners who made it happen


As a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform in Indonesia, together with BeKind, Tokocrypto forms a real strategic partnership, one that has taken form – and will continue to take form – in real initiatives to accelerate the adoption of blockchain. BeKind will be the first accelerator project to be incubated by Tokocrypto, with plans that include BKND token to be listed on Tokocrypto’s exchange platform.



WeCare.id believes that every individual in Indonesia deserves to have equal rights to be treated, thus empowering them to be productive and healthy. BeKind supports this stance, and WeCare.id is only glad to answer to BeKind’s call of action. Together, BeKind and WeCare.id have started collaborating to help preserve humanity. BeKind sets aside some budget to encourage donations and help breed the culture of kindness, to ensure that help is there for those who need it.

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